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By Gul Aydin

Teacher-Driven High-Quality Professional Development to Improve Your CS Instruction. Built to empower all teachers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to effectively teach CS.


Codementum’s PD sessions include everything from coding with Codementum Blocks and text-based languages (Python & Javascript), pedagogical best practices, mobile game design, mobile app design, mobile AI-Machine Learning app design and much more.

We are committed to training teachers to feel comfortable using Codementum and equipping them with the necessary skills to teach coding effectively. Professional development is an ongoing process of both learning and training, and we are here to support you every step of the way.


  • Flexible Learning, Anytime Anywhere
  • Comprehensive 30 Hour Courses
  • Customized Live Lessons
  • Personalized Feedback and Live Support

Develop yourself as a teacher

Codementum is teacher friendly with links and resources making teaching and learning a breeze. With your Subscription Plus PD purchase, you recieve training that is tailored to your needs! We train according to the grade levels that work for you!

Join us at Codementum and embark on a fulfilling professional development journey. Develop yourself as a teacher while spreading the knowledge of teaching coding to kids using our dynamic and effective Codementum platform.

Our Online PD Course Provides

Self-Paced Learning

Self-directed, web-based, and on-demand learning designed to fit your schedule.

Effective Skills and Strategies

Learn the skills and knowledge to teach CS concepts through teacher-driven modules and hands-on activities.

No Previous Experience In Coding Required

Any teacher can teach the Codementum courses, even if they have no prior experience in Computer Science. 

Live lesson plans for PD

Premium Online PD Courses

Whether new or experienced, these online PD courses will prepare any teacher to lead an excellent computer science course. Topics vary based on experience level and programming language. The time commitment to complete a PD course is 30 hours.

Lite Online PD Courses

Teachers can level up their computer science education knowledge over a weekend or even a day with the Lite PD courses. The time commitment to complete a Lite PD course is 6 hours.


  • Effective teaching strategies supported by evidence and research.
  • Strategies to help foster an inclusive learning environment.
  • Skill development directly related to concepts taught within Codementum and general CS topics.
  • Aspirational goals to help you continually develop your teaching practices and guide your professional learning
  • Short, digestible video tutorials covering programming topics and concepts in the upcoming lesson.
  • Engaging exercises that allow teachers to design and build programs based on new concepts.

Empowering Teachers with the Knowledge & Confidence to Teach Excellent Courses

Detailed Subject Explanations & Smart Tutorial

You can easily learn and teach how to develop mobile games and applications by following our animation and video supported smart tutorial.

Real Programming Languages for Real-World

Enrich the lives of your students with general CS topics that impact the world around them such as Machine Learning, Mobile Games, Mobile Apps, Artificial intelligence, and more

Differentiated Instruction in the STEM Classroom

Learn to incorporate essential 21st century skills and teaching techniques such as computational thinking and inquiry-based learning into your class.

Customized Professional Development for Schools and Districts

Codementum offers customized online and in-person PD for schools and districts.

Just connect with your Education Partnerships lead for a plan.


Q1- What Experience Is Needed For Teachers’ Professional Development With Codementum? A1- Understanding of coding fundamentals is an advantage as well as some teaching experience and experience in conducting training.

Q2- What Grades Are Best Suited For Teaching Codementum? A2- Codementum offers courses starting from first grade through 12th grade. You can view the coding pathway on our Courses page.

Q3- Who Prepares The Session Materials? A3- Most materials are already prepared by the Codementum team.

Q4- How Does Codementum Keep Track Of The Quality Of PD Sessions? A4- Our trainers communicate back to the Codementum team with any issues/questions raised in the sessions with.

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