Posted by CSTA on May 25, 2023

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We’re excited to announce the results of the 2023 Board of Directors election. 

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This year, CSTA+ members voted to elect three representatives to their Board of Directors. We want to take the opportunity to announce the newest and continuing members of the CSTA Board of Directors:

Carla Neely 
K-8 Teacher Representative 

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Carla Neely is an award-winning 5th-8th grade science and computer science teacher. She is an advocate for urban education and exposing African American girls to different aspects of science and computer science. Carla is also a facilitator for the Computer Science Discoveries program and a member of the inaugural 2021 micro:bit Champions Cohort. She trains and speaks at events geared toward helping teachers with best practices for motivating African American girls into the sciences. Carla feels that is important for girls to have the opportunity to use their own creativity and individuality in science and computer science. She is the 2022 Ohio Department of Education District 11 Teacher and one of the four finalists for Ohio’s 2022 Teacher of the Year. Carla is the interim secretary for CSTA-OH and a member of CSTA’s Editorial Board. Carla was a CSTA Equity Fellow and most recently was a member of the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Program (2023-2023) in the office of Senator Jacky Rosen of Nevada. 

Delmar Wilson 
9-12 Teacher Representative 

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Delmar Wilson has been a public school educator for seventeen years, where he has taught mathematics, AP Computer Science Principles, and Cambridge Thinking Skills at Miami Springs Senior High. Aside from being a teacher, Delmar is also the Mathematics Department Chair, ESSAC Chairperson, Union Steward, and Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach. As he began working on his doctorate degree in 2013, he came to the realization that there weren’t enough minorities in computer science. He created a course called AP Computer Science Principles and initially recruited his ninth graders; none had ever dreamed of taking an AP course or even computer science. Over the years, this course has become a student favorite and last school year he started the Computer Science National Honor Society. One of Delmar’s all time favorite quotes is “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” by John Dewey. Delmar believes as teachers of the 21st century, we have a commitment to ensure that we are effectively teaching our students to prepare them to be future leaders. As a veteran teacher, Delmar continues to push CS forward by utilizing his CS Honor Society to expose students to Computer Science during Computer Science Week.

Rudy Escobar 
At-Large Representative 

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Rudy is a STEM and Computer Science Coordinator with expertise in STEM, focusing on science, computer science, and engineering. With over a decade of experience, he is a highly accomplished educator and advocates for equitable access to computer science and STEM education. Prior to education,  Rudy worked in the pharmaceutical, environmental, and food industries using his engineering, science, and computer science background. Rudy specializes in PreK-12 computer science, STEM, physical computing, robotics, project-based learning, engineering, science and NGSS assessments, and PBL curriculum development.
Rudy promotes computer science and STEM education in California through conferences, workshops, and initiatives, advocating for equitable opportunities for all students, particularly underrepresented ones. As a micro:bit champion he has directed micro:bit and science conferences.

Rudy has developed resources, provided professional development, and created partnerships to promote computer science and STEM education throughout the state. He has developed distance learning resources and organized C-STEM camps for underrepresented students. Rudy has also collaborated with local universities to support future educators and tutors in STEM and computer science. Additionally, Rudy has partnered with organizations to advocate for and develop project-based learning (PBL) lessons for STEM education. He has provided support for English language learners, Universal Design for Learning, and social-emotional learning in K-2 Science and Engineering lessons for the California Department of Education. Rudy’s expertise has also been instrumental in evaluating and revising training tools and incorporating current trends and data into the standard curriculum for Science, STEM, computer science, and engineering.

​​These three board members will begin serving their two-year terms starting in July 2023. We appreciate their service and the service of all volunteers who help CSTA promote and support K–12 CS education. Thank you to our CSTA+ members for taking the time to ensure their voice was heard. Congratulations to our new representatives!