Catherine Tabor (She/Her)


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My CSTA Story

When Cat attended her first CSTA conference in 2019, she knew she had finally found her people. As one of only a handful of CS teachers in her area, she had really not had a lot of support in trying to expand CS pathways in her region.  Since then, she’s become the founding president of CSTA Paso del Norte, a facilitator for the CSforEL project, served on the CSHS Advisory board, been a frequent volunteer, and received a CS Teaching Excellence Award. Now, she is excited to join CSTA as their first-ever data analyst.

My Story

Cat began her journey as a CS Teacher in 1996. CS was not very popular at the time and CS teachers were not in demand. She was one of the few in her entire area. Since then, she has expanded CS pathways in her region and became the first president of the CSTA Paso del Norte chapter. She has won numerous awards for teaching computer science and helps teachers become certified in CS.

In her free time, Cat loves to read, watch movies, and program and has an obsession with dinosaurs. She is currently working on her PhD in Computer Science and is a proud mother of two human and two furry children and the grandmother of one human child.