Did you know that you have access to on demand coursework through CSTA+ in a variety of topics? In these hybrid courses, you access self-paced content and complete guided exercises with other participants. There is a summer, fall, and spring term; you can start at any time until one month before the course ends.

Example courses that would benefit TEALS teachers include:

  • Identity Inclusion for K-12 Computer Science Educators
  • Teach Security: The Security Mindset
  • Using Data to Improve Diverse Participation in CS

Activating your CSTA+ Membership

CSTA Online Professional Development Courses

Online professional development (PD) courses provide a flexible, deep learning experience that you can complete at your own pace. For all courses and to register, click here.

Check out some of our recommendations for TEALS teachers:

CourseAudienceLengthCourse Description
Identity Inclusion for K-12 Computer Science EducatorsK-12 CS educators12 hoursThis course provides a foundational understanding of one’s self, the impact one has on others, and ways to foster safe and inclusive CS learning environments.
Women in CS: Understanding the Impacts, Disparities and Their VoicesGrade 5-12 CS Teachers, Administrators, CS Specialists5 hoursThis online computer science course is designed for educators seeking to create an inclusive and empowering learning environment that encourages and increases female student participation in STEM with a significant focus on computer science. Participants will explore the challenges, contributions, and impact women have had on computing, technology, and society. Participants will also explore strategies to engage female students in the field and gain practical tools to foster a more diverse and equitable computer science classroom while empowering individuals to enact change.
Add-Ons to Boost Equity and Inclusion for Your CS CurriculumGrade Pk-12 CS Teachers, Curriculum Providers, CS Specialists, Curriculum Decision Makers4 hoursThis course explores ways to add elements to any curriculum to make it more inclusive. Participants will spend time analyzing their chosen curricula for elements of student voice, student choice, diversity, and equitable assessment. This course is not to discuss which CS curriculum may be more equitable or inclusive than the other. This course is for educators to develop a number of ways to infuse more equity and inclusion into the lessons they are already teaching.
Using Data to Improve Diverse CS Course ParticipationGrade 5-12 CS Teachers, Administrators, CS Specialists6 hoursThis course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of what systematic and/or structural barriers exist to keep underrepresented students out of computer science classrooms. Participants will examine data from various resources and learn about strategies that will help them create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable learning environment for all students.
Fostering a Sense of Belonging in Your CS ClassroomK-12 CS educators4 hoursThis course explores critical elements of the classroom in order to create an environment that is welcoming for everyone. Elements include classroom population, instruction, classroom environment, and avoiding microaggressions. Participants will better understand their students’ sense of belonging in their classroom and develop plans to increase it.
Teaching Security: The Security MindsetHigh school CS educators4 hoursThis course helps high school teachers introduce important cybersecurity principles in their CS classrooms. It provides full lessons with hands-on, inquiry-based activities that allow students to explore for themselves how cybersecurity works.
Course Logistics

Courses are offered in 10-week sessions:

  • Summer: July 24 – Sept. 24
  • Fall: Oct. 2 – Dec. 31, 2023
  • Winter: Jan. 8 – March 17, 2024
  • Spring: April 1 – June 16, 2024

Course enrollment will remain open until two weeks prior to the end of each term. Learn more and register here.